The cancellation period depends on the package you have booked.

For monthly rates, this is 7 days to the end of the month, while for annual rates it is 3 months to the end of the respective 12-month term.


Enterprise plans may have separate agreements.


  1. Monthly plan: Cancellation by the 24th of the month if the month has 31 days.

  2. Annual tariff: Cancellation by 30.9. if the term of the contract runs until 31.12.

How do I terminate the existing contract?

An effective termination must be made by the initial customer or a demonstrably authorized person in writing by email to

It would also be desirable to state the reason for termination.

We will confirm receipt shortly and contact you a few days later with details on the end of the contract.


The mere deletion of the account does not constitute an effective termination and therefore does not replace the above process.

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