Connected shifts give you the possibility to edit several shifts at once or even to staff them with very clicks. This feature can help you if, for example, you have one or more employees who always work the same shift. Connected shifts allow that if you manually assign employees to only one shift, they will be directly assigned to all connected shifts. It is just as easy to adjust details, such as the start of the shift or even the length of the break, for multiple shifts with one change.

How do I create connected shifts?

For connected shifts, the first step is to create a shift normally with all the important details. As soon as you enter the days to which the shift should be copied under "Repeat shift", you get the option to activate "Connected shift".

If you now edit one of these shifts, e.g. change the start time or break length, adjust the number of employees required or even leave a note, you can select whether this change should be made for all shifts or only for this one shift.

If you then assign employees to the shift, you can also assign them for the entire connection.

If you subsequently want to remove a shift from the connection, you can simply click on the shift and uncheck the "Connected shift" option in the details. Just keep in mind that this step cannot be undone. In general, shifts that have already been created cannot be subsequently connected. This setting must be done during the shift creation.

ATTENTION: If you want to delete a shift from the connection, you will be asked if you want to delete all shifts from the connection. If you answer this with "Yes", all shifts from the connection in the past will also be deleted. This can be a disadvantage if actual working times of the respective employees already exist for these shifts. These are then also deleted.

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