In principle, employees have the option of requesting to leave a shift for which they have been assigned and afterwards to join another shift.

However, it is also possible to allow employees to swap shifts in order to avoid unoccupied shifts.

To do this, you must first activate the "Replace Request"-feature in the company profile under the "Shift schedules" tab.

When the employee clicks on the shift he/she is assigned to, a window opens in which the employee can offer his/her shift under the "Replace Request" tab. You as the manager will then see this offer on your dashboard and can decide to accept or reject the swap offer, unless you automatically agree to the swap.

The replace request will be visible in the shift schedule directly on the shift by an icon with two opposite arrows. You could also filter for those replace requests in the filter section on the left side to only view respective shifts.

As soon as the request to swap is accepted, other employees in the same workspace will also receive a message on their dashboard that a shift has been offered for swap and can then take over this shift.

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