In shyftplan you have several possibilities to send messages or notifications to your employees.

1) Via the shift schedule

As soon as you make changes to a published shift schedule, a small blue number with the number of changes will appear in the upper left corner next to the paper airplane icon.

To notify your employees of these changes, simply click on the envelope.

Under the "Notification" tab, you can now choose between changes and open shifts to notify your employees about.

Under the "Message" tab, you can send free messages to selected target groups of this shift schedule. As soon as you click on "Send", all employees who are affected or whom you have selected will receive an email. This way, your employees will only receive the information that is relevant to them.

In addition, you can send a message to the employees already when publishing a new shift schedule:

When you publish the shift schedule by clicking on the eye-symbol, you can specify in the window that appears whether you want to notify your employees about the new shift schedule by e-mail. If yes, you can also decide whether a text message, the individually assigned shifts or the open shifts should additionally be included in the e-mail.

2) Via the Dashboard

In the dashboard, you have the option to send messages, which will then appear in the dashboard for all to see. For example, general announcements can be published here.

3) Via the chat

As you can already see in the above screenshots, you can also send informal messages to your employees via the chat. The advantage of this is that at this point you can send messages not only to locations and positions, but also to individually selected employees.

To use the chat, first go to the company profile and activate the slider at "Allow chat" in the "Chat" tab.

Here you can also select who can send chats to whom. This way you can also give your employees the option to communicate with each other.

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