First, navigate to the "Employees" overview via the left menu.

At the top right you will see the button "Invite employees".

With a click on this button a window appears, in which all important data for the user can be stored.

General information

In addition to first and last name, it is recommended to enter an email address to which the employee will receive the invitation for shyftplan and with which the registration in the web and in the mobile app will be made.

NOTE: As soon as you deposit the email address and click on "Save", an invitation email will be sent to the employee.

Furthermore, it is possible to set an initial password for the first login.

NOTE: In this case no invitation email will be sent. You must then inform the user separately about the installation and the initial password!

To maintain data security, we recommend that the employee changes the password in his/her profile after the initial login.

We therefore recommend that the password is left blank.

All other information is optional for the creation of a user.

Working time/billing information

However, many of the functions of our software are only optimally available if information on vacation days, working week hours and their distribution within the week, as well as the hours per vacation day are specified. On their basis, for example, absences are calculated and the hours account is kept.

Roles & Rights

You can then decide which access/editing rights the created user should have.

As an "Employee", the user can be assigned to shifts.

A "Manager" has extended viewing rights, but cannot be scheduled - unless the user is created as both an "Employee" and a "Manager".

A special form of the "Manager" is the "Owner", who is allowed to make general settings in the entire company profile.

In the end, an employee still has to be assigned to the positions in which he/she can work. If something should change, it is enough to select or deselect checks in the position boxes.

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