First of all, the important answer to the question of whether you can reactivate a deleted employee is yes, as long as you have not yet permanently deleted the user.

So, as long as the employee was only soft deleted, you can view him/her using the "Deleted" filter on the left:

Now you can click on the small pencil and "Restore" the employee.

This user is now reactivated in your account and just needs to be reassigned to one or more positions.

Once you have also completed this in the employee profile, they can be scheduled for shifts again.

IMPORTANT: The employee will not receive a separate email about the reactivation!

You will have to inform him/her about it on your own.

If he/she needs a new password, he/she can request this via the "Reset password" function.

NOTE: If you have already permanently deleted the employee, you and we cannot reactivate him/her. In this case, you will have to create the user profile again.

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