Active: The user has logged into via the invitation link with his/her own password and can access shyftplan via his/her account.

Active (Pending): This user already has a profile on shyftplan. This may occur due to (possibly incorrect) registration of his/her own company or due to a previous employment with another company that also uses shyftplan. As soon as this user logs into his/her account, he/she can accept the invitation to your company directly in the profile; his/her status will then change to "Active".

Active (Refused): This user already has a profile on shyftplan. He/she has logged into his/her account, was able to see the invitation to your company, but declined it. If it was an accident and he/she actually wanted to accept the invitation, you as a manager don't have to do anything else. The employee can still accept the invitation. See below for more information on this.

Inactive: The user has been sent an email to the address on file, but has not yet logged in to using the invitation link. You can resend the invitation email via the employee profile.

Inactive (Pending): The user already has a profile on, but has never logged in. Once he/she logs in, he/she will see your invitation in a notification and can accept it.

Deleted: The user has been deleted, but can still be seen via the "deleted" filter. All past data is still stored in the evaluation.

No email: No email address is set in shyftplan for this person. The user does not have access to

Addition to "Active (Refused)":

The employee can still accept the invitation without much effort despite the initial rejection. To do so, he/she has to navigate to his/her profile, where the section "Refused companies" now appears on the right side. By clicking on the small door symbol, the invitation can now be accepted and the employee can switch the shyftplan account.

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