Basically, there are different ways in shyftplan how the hours per absence day are calculated.

In the company profile, you can first check which setting is stored in the respective absence reasons and adjust it if necessary. (Navigate to the tab "Absences" in the company profile and click on the pencil icon next to the absence reason).

NOTE: The default setting in shyftplan is always the calculation based on the employee profile.

The total calculation consists of the calculation of absence days (outlined in blue in the following example) and the calculation of absence hours (outlined in red in the following example).

Calculation of absence days based on days taken:

  • With this setting, shyftplan simply counts the days between the start and end date of the entered absence. IMPORTANT here is, that those days are counted as working days, for which a number of hours different from 0 is entered in the employee profile.

  • In this example, 0 hours are entered in the employee profile on Saturday and Sunday. This means that these days are not counted as absence days.

Calculation of absence hours based on the employee profile:

  • As can be seen in the screenshot above, "Absence hours" can be stored in the employee profile. This means that this amount of hours will be paid per absence day. This applies not only to vacation, but also to all other absence reasons that have this setting selected in the company profile. So in this example it adds up to:

8 hours/day * 5 days = 40 hours.

Calculation of absence days and hours based on shift:

  • If you have selected this setting for your absence reason, the absence will be calculated based on the shifts available in the shift schedule. IMPORTANT: For this calculation to be correct, the shifts must have been created beforehand. Otherwise, the number of days and hours will be 0.

  • If you accept the absence request or even create it yourself, you will be asked if you want to take the person off the shifts. This process cannot be reversed afterwards.


A public holiday will not be count as absence day. This rule will be considered automatically.

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