With this feature it can be set whether and if so, until which date in the following year, remaining absence days may be taken. After a specified date, the remaining leave that has not been taken automatically expires.

How to set the feature in shyftplan?

  1. First go to the company profile.

  2. Click on the tab "Absences". In the absence reasons you can now pick out the corresponding reason and click on the pencil icon. This way you can decide per absence reason where a carryover to the following year is possible (e.g. this should apply to vacation quotas, but not to illnesses or overtime).

  3. Now you can activate the slider at "Carry leftover absence days to the next year?". After that, enter the expiration date of absences from the previous year (e.g. March 31, if remaining leave can be taken at the end of the first quarter.)*. After that click on "Save".

Now you can select "Employees" in the navigation bar on the left and click on the pencil icon next to the selected employee. Under the "Absence days" view, you will now find three fields for the absence reasons for which you have activated the carryover: previous year, current year and following year. You can now enter the corresponding quotas.

If you now select "Absences" in the navigation bar and filter the desired person and period, you will now also find the number of remaining vacations. Example: You filter by the employee (here Mats H.) and the period (here 2021). If, for example, you have entered 30 days as a quota for 2020 and the employee has taken 18 vacation days, 12 days remain as carryover vacation. If the employee now enters vacation between 01/01/2021 and, for example, 31/3/2021, this will automatically be represented as remaining leave (here 5 days).

Special features:

If an employee submits a leave request and this feature has been activated, the end date from the leave request must be before the expiration date. However, if the leave request runs over the expiration date period, you can split it into two requests.

Good to know:

  • This feature can be used in all tariffs.

  • If the "Carry over remaining absence days to the following year" slider is activated, then an expiration date must be entered.

  • A correct calculation of the absence requires that the correct data has also been entered under "Working time information" in the employee profile. The remaining leave is displayed for the corresponding calendar year or before the expiry date.

How can I set the quotas for a larger number of employees?

If you have booked the FULL or ENTERPRISE package and want to change a larger number of employee data, please contact service@shyftplan.com or your dedicated Customer Success Manager for bulk data import. The prerequisite for this is that a personnel number has been stored for the employees in order to be able to clearly assign the quota.

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