The working times and/or also payments of a shift can be edited and thus evaluated in the evaluation menu.

To do this, first go to the menu item "Evaluation" in the menu bar on the left. Using the filters (e.g. employee or period) on the left, you can then search for the shift that you want to evaluate. Click on the respective shift and make any necessary changes to the times, tags, notes and more. At the very bottom of the window you will find the "Evaluate" button, through which you can save the changes and set the status of the shift to "Accepted".

If you allow your employees to edit their own evaluations (the permission to do so is a standardized setting in the shift), they can "discuss" their shift afterwards. This means that the shift will then appear on your evaluation page with the status "discussed" and will require your evaluation.

If you want to evaluate a "discussed" shift, click on it and in the appearing window you will see two columns: on the left the "Company evaluation", where the details of the planned or stamped shift are listed and on the right the "Employee evaluation", where you can see the changes of the employee. Below this column you can either "Accept" or "Reject" the respective changes.

If you reject the changes, the originally planned shift details will be applied. If neither the company nor the employee evaluation is correct, you can change the company evaluation and then click "Evaluate".

Can employees evaluate their shift themselves?

No, employees cannot evaluate their shift so that it has the status "accepted". As mentioned before, they can make adjustments and thus "discuss" the shift.

Managers, who are also employees in shyftplan and therefore also occupy shifts, can evaluate their shifts themselves. If you do not want this setting, you can deactivate it in the company profile, so that another manager has to evaluate the discussed shift.

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