If an employee did not show up for the shift, you have the option to evaluate the shift as "no show". With the status "no show" the actual working time is set to 0 hours. However, the assignment of the person on the shift is retained.

To set evaluations to "no show", you have several options in the software:

1) The easiest way is to make the setting in the company profile to automatically evaluate shifts that are not punched in by the end of the scheduled shift as "no show". The prerequisite for this, however, is that your employees always punch in their working hours. However, if you do not use punch timing in shyftplan, please use one of the other two variants.

2) If you use the live status in the dashboard, you can also set the shift to "no show" at this point.

3) Finally, it is possible at any point to set the shift to "no show" in the evaluation. You can also undo this at any time should the person have worked after all.

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