What is the hour account?

The hour account represents the balance between the contractual and the worked time in tabular form. Thus, both the actual shift times (evaluations) and the accepted absences as well as compensated holidays go into the hour account for the time worked.

How is the current value composed?

In the hour accounts of your employees you can read the current status of overtime or undertime (sum of the balance) as well as the monthly overtime or undertime.

You can always read the current value in the line with the name on the far right (here: 31:00). This value results from ALL daily balances since the beginning of the hour account.

It is also IMPORTANT that the creation of the hour account is counted as the start and not the creation of the employees. Therefore, if shifts were already worked before the creation of the hourly account and discrepancies with the planned time occurred, these will not be counted in the current hourly account value.

The monthly value, which can be found in the bottom right corner of the table in the row "Total", only represents the sum of all hours from the called month (here: for June -02:00).

This value can be far in the minus if you look into the hour account at the beginning of a month, but for most of the month, for example, no shifts are planned yet.

Accordingly, this total value is only a forecast until the month is completed with the actual hours planned or worked.

NOTE: The time entry in the hourly account is always in hours and minutes. This means, for example, 7:50 means 7 hours and 50 minutes and NOT 7.5 hours (which would be 7 hours and 30 minutes).

What is the "new" hour account view?

The new view aims at a simpler overview and therefore shows less columns. You can activate or deactivate this view at any time in the company profile. However, clicking on a row or a day will also show you the full information on the contracted and paid hours.

How do I create an hour account?

For creating an hour account simply navigate to the menu item on the left side and click on the respective button in the top right corner. Afterwards select the desired employee and the contractual details concerning the working time. Here you can set the activation date, which may be in the future but not in the past.

Can I export the hour account?

All hour accounts (or the ones that fit the filter settings) can be exported as CSV or XLS file per month. Individual exports for only one employee can be triggered when you open one hour account. The button for the export can then be found in the top right corner.

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