First please navigate to the position page and select the one you want to edit or delete from the list and click the small gray gear-symbol on the right.

In the appearing window you can:

  • change the details of the position,

  • the sorting of the list (1 is on top of the list)

  • the color (as the position will then be displayed in the shift schedule) and

  • you can add or remove the position in other locations. You can also delete the position completely in all locations by clicking on "Delete" in the lower left corner. If you want to remove the position only from the one selected location, uncheck the small checkbox.


When you delete the position, you will not be asked again to confirm the deletion. The position will be soft deleted directly. Afterwards you can still decide whether the position should be restored or permanently deleted. In case of a hard deletion ALL related data like shifts and evaluations will be deleted. A recovery of this data is NOT POSSIBLE.

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