IMPORTANT: Only users with "Owner" rights can make this setting.

Click on your name at the top right and then go to the company profile. Under the "General" tab, you will find the "Locations" section in third place.

You can either add a new location via the plus symbol "+" or you have the option here to edit existing locations via the pencil symbol to the right of the name of the respective location. You can save changes in the naming of the location, in the address or sorting position by ending the process with "Save".

You can delete a location in the window that appears at the bottom left.

If you click on "Delete", a new small window will appear first. ATTENTION! Do not simply click on "Yes" here in the assumption that you will be asked again to confirm the deletion. The question here is whether past shifts and associated evaluations should also be deleted.

If you do not want this, select "No" here. Afterwards, the location will be deleted with all future shifts, but the evaluation of the past shifts of this location will remain with you.

If you select "Yes", ALL data related to this location will be deleted.

NOTE: The deletion is directly a final deletion process. Deleted data, such as shift schedules and evaluations, cannot be reactivated afterwards.

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