If you enable this option, you can specifically set a maximum monthly wage for each employee. If you then assign an employee to a shift with which he/she would exceed the maximum amount, a conflict is raised and you will receive a warning.

At the same time, this message will also be displayed to the employee in case he/she applies for a shift (in case of automatically accepted shift application) or if he/she creates a shift by time punching that exceeds his/her monthly maximum wage.

Attention: This setting can be made only by users with "owner" rights.

You as a manager can set in the company profile whether this message should only serve as a warning (ignoring it would still be possible) or whether the setting should be binding, so that no assignment is possible anymore.

To set the maximum earnings, go to the employee menu, click on the pencil in the line of the respective person and activate the field "Maximum monthly earnings". In the field below you can enter the appropriate amount and save the entry.

Now shyftplan calculates all shift paymnets during the scheduling process. Right below the employee's name in the filter section on the left side of the shift schedule as well as on each individual shift, the already scheduled as well as the (if entered) maximum salary are displayed. This way you can see at a glance if the employee's capacity still allows for (or needs) further shift assignments.

Setting the maximum wage in the employee profiles can be done by all users with the manager right "Edit employee salary". When scheduling in the shift schedule with the ability to see the already planned shift payments, the right "Payments on shifts - view all" is required.

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