There are two ways to assign your employees to shifts:

1. Select the employee(s) from the list to the left of the shift schedule and drag and drop him/her onto the shift, i.e. you left-click on the desired employee(s), hold down the mouse button and release it over the desired shift.

2. Click on the shift to which you want to assign employees. A dialog box appears. Under the "Employees" tab, you will see all employees available in the position on the right side. With just one click on the small plus symbol next to the name you can make the assignment. On the left side you see all already assigned employees and still free places. (In this second variant, any shift conflicts are shown to you directly via the small warning symbol and also the availabilities).

Special case 1: Connected shifts

When you make an assignment of an employee to a connected shift, you will be asked if you want to assign the person to ALL shifts in that connection. If yes, this is a way to staff shifts very quickly.

Special case 2: Rotation shifts

If you make an assignment of an employee to a shift that belongs to a rotation and that matches the employee's rotation group, you can also make the assignment directly for the entire period of the rotation.

Why can't I find an employee on the right side?

This can have two reasons:

  1. The employee has not been assigned the appropriate work areas. You can do this via the navigation points "Positions" or "Employees".

  2. A filter has been activated so that the employee does not appear because there is either an absence or shift conflict. In this case, we recommend resetting the filters on the left.

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