The master data of the employees (e.g. qualification, bank data, social security number) can be stored in the staff questionnaire. The questionnaire is activated as soon as you activate the slider at "staff questionnaire" under the rights section in the employee profile or as soon as you set the employee to "abrechnen" in the payroll section in the employee profile. ("abrechnen" means that you can do the payroll for the respective employee with shyftplan)

Then the questionnaire becomes visible and appears as a clipboard icon in the row of the employee profile.

Now, both managers with appropriate rights and the respective employee can edit the questionnaire. If you do not want the employee to be notified to fill in the questionnaire and then have access to it, you can deactivate the slider at "staff questionnaire" despite the setting "abrechnen". Then only you as a manager will have access to it.

In order to keep the overview of changed master data, you can export all changes that have been made since the last payroll in the menu item "Payroll".

As soon as the forecast or correction of a month is completed here, all personnel master data will be available for export as a CSV file.

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