NOTE: Manager rights with editing permission for the shifts are required to access the filter options in the shift schedule.

In the shift schedule you have the option of displaying some additional information (such as absences or rotation sequences) as well as filtering the shifts according to certain criteria.

To open the filter options, first go to the desired shift schedule and click on the list icon in the upper left corner.

This will open a new column on the left with all possible filter types. In addition, you can see below in the purple colored button how many filters are already selected and you can reset ALL filters by clicking on the button.

If you now open the individual areas (filters, workspaces, tags, etc.), you can select the desired details.

These could look like the following as an example:

We would recommend to display for example the approved absences, holidays or even the employee overview.

You can also display your employees sorted, for example by having those users with the lowest hour account values appear at the top of the list or by having mini-jobbers who have a maximum monthly salary sorted according to the payment already planned.

If you use shift presets and rotations, you can also filter by the respective shift types (e.g. early shift) or rotation groups here. When filtering by rotation groups, employees are also automatically filtered so that only employees belonging to the group are displayed.


As long as you have set certain filters while planning, you will only see the selected part of the shifts in the shift schedule.

If you want to see all shifts again (or if you miss something), please use the purple button to reset the set filters.

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