If your employees have a certain sequence of shifts, it is convenient to implement rotations for them.

With the help of rotations, you can create shift schedules faster and assign employees to the entire time of their defined shift pattern.

Rotation groups are created in the company profile under "Shift schedules" and require that shift templates already exist.

Rotations consist of any number of groups whose shift sequence repeats after a specified number of days. To create a rotation, first go to the "Shift plans" tab in the company profile and click on the plus symbol next to the "Shift rotations" heading, which will take you to the following view:

First, assign a name for the rotation there and set the number of groups, the number of rotation days and the start date.

NOTE: We recommend setting the start date to a Monday in the past. This way, the rotation sequence always starts on a Monday.

You can then define the shift pattern per group under "Rotation setup". The shift types you enter there are the previously implemented shift presets. For each day off within the rotation, there is the existing "Resting Day" template.

NOTE: Once you have completed the rotation creation, the rotation pattern of the already existing groups cannot be changed. However, you can add more groups with different rotation patterns.

Finally, under "Employee rotations", the employee are assigned to their respective rotation group. This means that they can be assigned to shifts in the rotation pattern belonging to the group.

If you now click on "Finish Rotation Wizard", you have created a shift rotation, which you can use from now on to create shift schedules or fill them. You can also complete the creation of the rotation without assigning the employees and then do this at a later time. In addition, you can also assign rotation groups to individual employees in the employee profile or edit the existing rotation assignment.

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