Especially if you have many employees, positions and shifts, it can quickly happen that as a manager you can no longer determine with a few glances whether all required assignments on the shifts are covered. For this purpose there is the possibility of the employee overview, which you can display in the shift schedule.

To do this, first go to any shift schedule and call up the filters on the left. The filter option "Employee overview" allows you to see at a glance whether the assignments on the shifts are covered. Thus, the demanded number of employees on all shifts on this day is displayed, along with the number of assigned employees and absent employees.

The color code means the following:

  • understaffing (red): there are fewer employees assigned than the demand specifies.

  • normal staffing (purple): all requirements are covered

  • or overstaffing (light brown): There are more employees on the shifts than are required

This overview adapts to all activated filters in the left panel, so you can for example also filter the demand coverage by positions, tags, rotation groups or shift templates.

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