If you want to create shift schedules using previously defined rotations, you have two options for doing so.

1) You can create a completely new shift plan with shifts in a rotation sequence. To do this, first navigate to the menu item "shift schedule" and then click on "New shift schedule". In the window that opens, you can now select "With a rotation", then enter the period as before as well as the name of the shift schedule and finally select the following information about the rotation:

  • which rotation is to be applied,

  • for which positions shifts are to be created with the rotation,

  • how many employees are required per shift.

2) On the other hand, you can integrate the shift rotation in an already existing shift schedule by clicking the "Apply shift rotation" button in the respective shift schedule. Afterwards you also have to select

  • which rotation should be applied,

  • for which positions shifts should be created with the rotation,

  • how many employees are required per shift.

After you have clicked on "Save" and the shift schedule has built/updated, you can now apply shifts filters by the rotation groups.

If you then click on a specific shift, you can find the information about the rotation group in the details and also remove or add it individually.


It is not possible to apply more than one shift rotation during the shift schedule creation process. However, if you have multiple rotation patterns in one schedule we recommend to create the schedule with one rotation and afterwards apply more rotations step by step.

In order to be able to assign employees to shifts according to their rotation group, you can display the rotation sequences via a filter in the employee view of the shift schedule:

This will show you which shifts the employee should be assigned to. If a shift has already been assigned accordingly, the tile in the sequence will appear transparently filled in.

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